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Posted on July 24, 2019

Missing you quotes – Photo 5

I heard someone whisper your name, but when I turned around to see who it was, I was alone. Then I realized that it was my heart telling me that I miss you.

Isn’t it just beautiful when that happens? i guess some of you will understand what i am talking about. It seems beautiful but only when you know that they miss you too that much but if they don’t or they are gone, it will be so painful.

But if you already know someone that miss you that much, tell them too how much you miss them and it is even better to not let them miss you because you still having them and having the chance, enjoy it and make them enjoy you being their for them, no one is promised for living tomorrow.

Missing you quotes and images - lonely girl - i miss you so much

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3 Comments on "Missing you quotes – I miss you so much"

  1. adam says:

    i miss elisa she is away and every day she is gone makes me love her even more

  2. samantha says:

    cj i love you with all my heart and will never stop

  3. chris3253 says:

    I’m in love with you dale..i love u more than u’ll ever know…u made my life the single best eperience since u entered and now I’m happy…u make me, live out my hidden fantasies…in fact ur my dream come true jus the way u are..exactly the way we are…u and i …i wouldnt change a thing i miss u so much