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Posted on May 24, 2021

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Love makes mental lists of ways we can bless others. Love gives affection unconditionally because non of us really deserve it. Genuine love keeps no record of wrongs.   

Genuine Love makes you go easy on your partner, it makes you find excuses to them instead of fighting for flaws. It makes you loyal and sentimental. It makes you realize that no one is perfect, we all have ups and downs, it makes you appreciate more and complain less. It makes you a giver, you give not because someone deserve but because you love.

Genuine love forgives, it holds no record, it doesn’t make you bring old problems or flaws to hurt others, it just forgives and moves on.

Remember, love is unconditional, love is loyal, love is trustworthy and love is forgiving, that’s how genuine love should be.

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