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Posted on May 26, 2021

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“To die and part is a less evil, but to part and live, there is the torment.” George Lansdowne

One of the worst thing and feeling that you can ever go through is to part from someone that you can’t live without, maybe death can be less painful than just missing them or seeing them with someone else except you.

But no one understand that, specially the one that you part from, because i guess if they understand how much you love and miss them, how much you care for them, if they understand how painful it is, probably they wouldn’t lose that love that they might not find it anywhere else.

If only we take some time to talk and have communication with each other, express our love and feelings.Show how much we miss them, we might save us that pain and that moment when we separate away.

Make sure to have a good communication between you and your partner and show them how much you really care and love them before it is too late.

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