Quotes about relationships – Wrong vs right

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Posted on August 8, 2018

Quotes about relationships – picture 10

The wrong person will find you in peace and will leave you in pieces. The right person will find you in pieces and will lead you to peace.

There is always a sign that tells if the relationship is healthy and good or not. As they always say, action talks louder than words.

One of those signs would be your inner peace. Are you really in peace? in better state of mind that you been before the relationship or it is worse?

The good relationship will bring you happiness and color that things that used to taste bad.

And the wrong person will bring more stress to your life, the will steal your peace, sleep and happiness.

So we should learn to pay attention to those signs that tells us the relationships is worthy or not and when we should let go and move on.

Live to fight another day, there is a plenty of people who are better than that and you deserve better.

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