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Posted on January 6, 2018

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A good relationship should be about helping each other to deal with the stress that the world brings. Not to add more unnecessary stress to each other’s lives.

Why do we go in a relationship with someone? because we need someone to hold our back during the bad times, someone who support us in life and someone who we share joy with them while we are happy.

That’s love and that’s why we need a happy relationship in our lives i guess.

So what is the purpose of the relationship and love if the one who we love is the source of stress, heartache and troubles in our lives instead of joy, happiness and calmness.

Dear lovers, life is already full or storms, stress and all the things that can ruin your happiness So don’t be one of them, kindly hug each other with love and try to work together to make each other’s life a bit happier.

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