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Posted on June 11, 2018

Sad quotes about life and people – image 47

I will never regret the things i did wrong, i will only regret the good things that i did for the wrong people.

Never regret your mistakes and the wrong things you did, it is how you have been shaped and why you are that good now. Yes you might lost some time, some people or different things but nothing in life is free, we pay for everything we do.

Just learn the lesson and move on, don’t be stuck in the past and with your mistakes.

I know the quote says i will regret the good things i did for the wrong people but never regret that too, never regret being good to people even though they used you or lied to you.

Because regret won’t change any thing and being good is not a bad thing, it is their loss not yours, for you, it is just another lesson, another experience and you are stronger now.

This is life, how we grow and how we learn to appreciate the good people and good things.

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