Sad quotes about life and love – You’ll suffer

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Posted on June 28, 2019

Sad quotes about life and love – image 25

And you may suffer by some people you wished to not see them suffer.

To love, is to be weak. Unfortunately no one can hurt you as much as those¬†whom you have given your heart to. One hard lesson; i guess each one of us went through but it was worth learning. So don’t rush to fall in love with people you know nothing about, take your time and test your relationship before you give your all and before you open up.

And this is not about romantic relationships only, it applies for each type of relationships like friendships or partnerships, we always need to make sure to be with the right company and we are not being used by others because we are kind or having a good heart.

Harm no one but don’t take shit from anyone either.

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