Sad love quotes – You’ll miss me

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Posted on June 5, 2019

Sad love quotes – image 23

But one day you are going to miss “How much i cared”.

One bad habit of human nature and a lot of people is that, they don’t appreciate what they have until it goes away. Then they start seeing how precious it was and they start missing it after it is too late and after they cause a lot of damage to those wonderful honest lovers.

I wonder why we always run after things and when we get them we lose interest, then we start to pursue different things. Why we don’t appreciate the people who love us and know their value until they are gone.

It is such a sad feeling seeing people get hurt and hurting ourselves too later when we realize that we lost a treasure for a fake feelings.

If you got someone who loves you and who is trying so hart to make it work, appreciate that and know how much lucky you are to have such a lover in your life. Do it while you still have them, don’t lose them to know how precious they are.

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