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Posted on September 7, 2019

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To forget someone that you love, is like trying to remember someone that you never knew. Unknown

It is hard to forget someone you love, yes it is hard and hurts so much to just come to the end where you need to forget the one you loved, the memories and to move on without them, without the joy and the laughter you used to have. I is the worst emotional experience i have gone through but some times what your hearts need is not good for you and your future.

Life doesn’t stop because we lost a lover or a friend, it keeps going and we meet better people and make ever better memories so always have hope and look forward tomorrow. You never know what might happen and who you’re going to meet.

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1- Don’t trust too much, Don’t love too much, Don’t hope to much. Because that too much can hurt you so much.

2- There is nothing in the world that is so wonderful as to love and be loved and there is nothing in the world that is so painful as to lose the one you loved.

3- Is it bad if sometimes i still hope that you will wake up one day and miss me.

4- Sometimes i miss you more than anything and other times i wish i have never met you.

5- I am holding onto something that used to be there, hoping it will come back knowing it won’t come back again

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