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Posted on November 15, 2019

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A relationship where you both love, protect and spoil each other is the best.

In any relationship there must be minimum requirements to make it work and to be a happy relationship, love is the first thing, without love there is no relationship at all. Protection, they must feel safe with you and there is 2 sides for this, the first is to feel safe that their lover will always be theirs, in another word, don’t let them question your love, don’t make them get jealous because you give your attention to someone else while you should be focusing on your relationship. And the other side is the safety from the world or let’s say your support, that they feel you are around and will be around them to support them facing whatever life brings to the table.

So always spoil your lover with your time, attention and support, they are the best things to give to anyone to make a wonderful relationship with them.

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