Lessons taught by life – you can’t please everyone

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Posted on July 26, 2018

Lessons taught by life – photo 53

Remember, if you are trying to keep everyone happy, the only one who will not be happy is you.

You have to accept the truth that you can not please everyone, impress everyone and make all the people agree about something. There will be a haters, abusers and supporters and you have to learn to choose who should be important to you and who you should completely ignore.

Learn to say no, no to the people who use your kindness, to the people who abuse your good heart, no to the selfish people who take but never give.

Make yourself priority and take care of yourself, if you didn’t no one will and finally when you fall down, they will vanish, they will be your lesson.

All the bad relationships that exist only because you are beneficial to them, should be gone.


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