Quotes about relationships – Let me go

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Posted on December 27, 2018

Quotes about relationships – photo 15

If you ever lose interest in me, please have enough courage and respect to tell me. let me go, so i can find someone who is worthy of my time and energy. Someone who respect and appreciate my love and loyalty.

Unfortunately we can’t get what we always want and sometimes the people we love are not good for us, the problem is .. sometimes these people don’t let us go, they feel better about themselves and the feel wanted, they feel confident about themselves by seeing the pain in other people’s eyes.

They don’t have enough courage to let you go and find your happiness somewhere else. So we need to learn when we should pick ourselves up from such relations and go find respect somewhere else with better worthy people.

There is always signs about when you should go and we always ignore them because we still hope they fix themselves but they don’t, so when you feel these signs, consider them.

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