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Posted on May 4, 2021

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Tell people you love them, life is too fragile to wait.

With Corona virus being around, i guess everyone of us have lost someone who were close to them or at least heard of that, we used to hear life is too short to wait but a lot of us didn’t care until we got Corona and it taught us the lesson the hard way.

I don’t have to repeat and tell you the same thing, i will just share with you one lesson and experience i experienced lately. I have an someone whom i like and they been sick for many years, so i am used to get calls from them saying i want to see you before i die, and i always made sure to go whenever they calls and i have time.

This time i was sick so i said when i get better i will go visit them but then they have gone before i get the chance to go see them. If you have never lost someone you love and you had something to say but you didn’t, you can not imagine the pain.

So please tell your people that you love them, show them how much you love them, you never know who is going to be gone tomorrow.

Enjoy every moment with the people you love, it worth a lot.

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