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Posted on November 1, 2012

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Statistics say that 10% of all people won’t like us, so let’s enjoy the 90% who do and stop worrying about the 10% who don’t.  Joyce Meyer

It is not comfortable to see all those young guys and girls who feel so bad about themselves and how they wish death or change and they waste all their life trying to please and impress the wrong people.

For sure all of us pass through that during our journey and then later when we grow up and realize that it is not about them but about us, so we stop caring about impressing people specially the wrong ones and we start to enjoy ourselves.

So if the statistics says that only 10% of all the people who will not like us and for sure no one have all the people like him/her. You must find some people who will not like you and it is normal.

So why we let those 10% control our lives and screw it? Why of all the people on earth you get attracted to the wrong ones and let them destroy you? why don’t you enjoy yourself?

Enjoy yourself, know how good you are and appreciate your value, if the people don’t like you the way you are, just let them go and live your life not the life they want you to live.

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