Positive attitude quotes – You are blessed

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Posted on November 28, 2018

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Stop focusing on how stressed you are, and remember how blessed you are.

I have been passing through some troubled circumstances which by chance i have a friend who are passing through tougher circumstances than mine. When i compared my reactions to his reactions and how happy he is even though he can not have the same hopes and chances i still have .. i realized it is all about our attitude and what we tell ourselves more than the pain and any other thing.

If you tell yourself you are blessed and that you still can be happy even though everything looks like working against you, then you will find true happiness and you will realize that you are so blessed than a lot of people.

But if you always talk about your problems you will get more stressed and depressed even though your troubles are not as big as you believe. You then will make your situation harder and complicated.

So try every day to practice  finding out and remembering how blessed you are and what are your blessings, because believe me you are so blessed than you think you are. Start every day with a positive thoughts that will give you positive attitude and that will make you happier and satisfied.

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