Life coaching lessons – Don’t explain yourself

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Posted on July 1, 2018

Life coaching lessons – image 47

Don’t explain yourself, people will only understand from their level of perception.

Have you ever did something good to some people and they got it wrong, hurt you and tried to manipulate it?
Or maybe you did something wrong and apologized but the didn’t want to understand, right?

People always see from their side, the image they want to see, not the truth. They don’t want to know truth, or in their eyes, the truth is what they only believe.

Don’t try to explain yourself, as long as you know you have a good heart and you are doing the right thing, never waste your time and effort trying to convince the wrong people to stay or appreciate you.

It is another lesson life teaches us that we should learn to get rid of the wrong people and move on with our lives to find the right ones.

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