Lessons taught by life – To improve your life

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Posted on November 23, 2018

Lessons taught by life – image 69

1-Trust before you love.

It is important to test and make sure of the people you love, the foundation of the relationships and how honest the feelings before you allow yourself to call someone your love and regret that later.

2-Think before you talk.

Everyone can talk and even the fool have something to say but not everyone will listen and think before they talk which by the way what is needed nowadays.

3-Know before you judge.

You can judge anyone by their look or whatever you think you know but if you don’t know anything about them, if you don’t ask first then you are making a fool of yourself.

4-Commit before you promise.

It is easy to promise but it is not easy to deliver and that’s how people get hurt so before you promise or get promises make sure there is commitment and efforts first.

5-Forgive before you forget.

If you don’t forgive you won’t forget and the thoughts and the feeling will hunt you, to free yourself from those ghosts, forgive first and let it go.

6-Appreciate before you regret.

Appreciate whatever you have before life takes it away from you and then you will regret not enjoying it or letting them know how much you loved and appreciated them. when  sorrow will not change anything.

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