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sad love quotes - sad lonely girl image - to forget someone you love

Sad love quotes – Forgetting someone you luv

To forget someone that you love, is like trying to remember someone that you never knew…

sad love quotes - sad lonely girl image - hurt quotes - goodbye quote

Sad love quotes – Too much can hurt you

Don’t trust too much, Don’t love too much, Don’t hope to much.
Because that too much can hurt you so much and Some people tend to…

sad quotes and images - sad love quotes - goodbye quote - death quotes - sad lonely dog image - 1

Sad love quotes – losing your love is painful

There is nothing in the world that is so wonderful as to love and be loved and there is nothing in the world that is so painful as…

quotes about life and love - life lessons and coaching quote - loyalty is rare - image 26

Quotes about life and love – Loyalty

Loyalty is rare so if you found it, keep it. Loyalty is the foundation stone for any successful relationship and nowadays it seems that

positive quotes - positive thinking quote about happiness

Positive quotes to inspire you – images part 2

Attitude is important, it is everything. A right positive attitude is all you need for being successful and happy while having negative attitude is all you need for …

best friend quotes - friends and friendship quotes - it's really amazing when two strangers become the best friends but it's really sad when the best friends become two strangers.

best friend quotes – friendship images part 1

Friendship is priceless and they say that your true friends are your real treasure, but is so sad when friends hurt us or go away. So if you have a …